Hi, I am Ashutosh and I am 16. I love many fandoms and thats what blog is gonna be about plus my life too, yeah i have no one to tell it too so Tumblr is my way out. p.s I track Letters to Tumblr.

30th September, 2014.

Dear Tumblr,

I am ranging soul, lost in this deep world. LITERALLY AM.

This is terrible and i know its gonna always start like this…my life is a hell. And you know what i believe that sometime this post is gonna give me suggestion that you wanna write, ‘My life is hell’ …again. I know you hide your sarcasm pretty well Tumblr, i know you do.

I have been thinking that yes bullying is a terrible think and you can’t say that it there is no stop to it …so it should go like this but how could anyone let that because bullying can be done by anyone. But there is always a constant person who is bullied, who is weaker.

My teacher, students i can handle andits bearable but teachers are a hell. He bullies most ofthe kids but to me he does it in a very incognito and more hurtful way. Its disturbing. And very painful.

He beats, he says  and he insults you and makes you feel down upon yourself. HE is an ignorant hussy, he is a sinner who has yet not been punished, he has been so deep down to his senile gutter that he has permanently made his its residence.

His only motive is to earn money, not to teach he just wants students to go to his coaching and for that he has been permanently pickering me yeah i know it has a simple solution that you can just go to his coaching and yet solved. NO i wont do it … I wont sell my soul to him. And i know its sound super religiously cheesy but i am not cheesy. I wont do it because then he would practically slave me and i do coaching. Its not my thing.

He practically insulted me in front ofmy parents in disguise that i am such a great student of his but he wants more. And always making me feel down. Cutting down / marking down my copy thrice i mean why would you cross one thing thrice, checking it thrice. He finds mistake when there is no mistake

I mean in the first picture he first checks it and after a week again checks a checked chapter and crosses that question but when sees me flinching he checks it again and corrects it…and this only shows that he is targeting me, furiously. And i am very angry. He beats me, duster, with punches but i dont give a flinch. Not a single flinch, tries to give me a hard time but still i wont let him see those tears in my eyes. He tore my copy ripped out the pages. I wont let him get the satisfaction. He wants me to believe that if i come to his coaching he would stop that but no…NEVER. I am not gonna be a person who i am not.

i am left alone after he has bullied me and this is abuse like anyother abuse. Emotional abuse, physical abuse and bullying.

I would want him locked behind the bars, but yeah like thats gonna happen. I will only break down at him when i die for which i am hoping terribly. I do wanna die. I dont know what i did to deserve him. Every time he abuses me, I think what have i ever done to get this. Whereas i always wanted to help him. I sleep everyday thinking of it andcrying, because that is what i can do. THE ONLY THING

Lie down, cry and sleep alone.

And eventually die in this year.

Love always,